By now you’ve probably heard of the global trivia phenomenon that is HQ Trivia? It’s a wildly popular trivia gameshow app for iOS and Android. To win, players must answer question correct or else be eliminated. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create your own HQ Trivia for your live or virtual events!? Now you can with Crowdpurr’s CPQ Trivia.

HQ Trivia Application for iOS and Android. The app features a daily elimination style trivia game, live host, and cash prizes.
The very cool HQ app and its beloved host @ScottRogowsky Credit: Intermedia Labs

Firstly… How Does HQ Trivia Work?

HQ Trivia is a daily live trivia game show app that allows players to sign in everyday at 6PM to win cash and prizes. To win, players simply choose the correct answer out of three possible multiple-choice options without making a mistake. Each question a player answers correctly advances the player one step further to the daily grand prize. Choose the wrong answer… you’re out! Sounds easy enough right? Wrong. Because HQ Trivia gives away tens of thousands of dollars away daily, there are millions of players vying for that cool hard cash. However, as the game progresses, the questions get increasingly harder.

Winning is fairly elusive for most players. But the players who do end up somehow winning tend to have a joy-included meltdown – see below.

Lauren May has a freakout upon learning she won $11.30 playing HQ Trivia. All winning players must “split” the total prize pot.

Introducing CPQ Trivia

When is the HQ-style survivor format coming to Crowdpurr trivia? I want to do this at my event!

Demanding Crowdpurr Customers

After hearing about HQ Trivia, savvy Crowdpurr customers started asking if we could release a similar survivor trivia game format. That day is here. You can now create your own HQ Trivia for your live event. Introducing CPQ Trivia!

The Crowdpurr CPQ Logo
Introducing CPQ (Crowdpurr Q) Trivia!
The CPQ Mobile View demonstrates how the interface looks when a participant plays and gets eliminated.
When a player answers incorrectly… elimination!

We’ve created a new elimination format of trivia that you can use to impress your crowd at your next live event.

Instead of your players worrying about earning points to climb the rankings leaderboard, they must now answer each question correctly to advance. Or else… be eliminated!

At the end of the game, Crowdpurr reveals a Survivor List that displays all players who answered every question correctly!

CPQ Trivia also works with our 100% original free weekly-updated trivia database as well. So it’s super-easy to add content and get going!

Crowdpurr CPQ Projector View  shows how live trivia questions look, correct answer results, and the survivor list.
The overall presentation viewer showing off the Survivor List.

More Event-Friendly Features Than HQ Trivia

Additional CPQ Trivia options including Eliminated Players Keep Playing and Always Show A Winner.

We know corporate live events at Crowdpurr so we’re well-aware that being eliminated is no fun. Often corporate and educational events focus on inclusion and content-exposure, not just winning. Therefore, we’ve added some “twists” on the Survivor Trivia format to make the experience more enjoyable for your participants.

Eliminated Players Keep Playing

This feature allows any players who get eliminated to keep playing and answering trivia questions. Including knowing if they answer future questions correctly or incorrectly. When a player is eliminated in HQ Trivia they’re free to continue watching the host but they’re unable to keep playing. Because of this, your event’s participants in the game and following along with your content.

Always Show A Winner

This feature makes sure there is always a winner at your trivia event. Sometimes in elimination-style trivia every player may get eliminated if no one answers every question correct. For example, if you create a ten-question trivia game and no one answers all ten questions correctly, guess what… you don’t have a winner. This feature displays the winner(s) as whichever group of players answers the most questions correctly. Another event-friendly twist to improve your application of CPQ Trivia at your live event.

What About Adding A Live-Streaming Video Host?

One of the staples of HQ Trivia is its live-streaming video host who cracks jokes and keeps the game lively and moving. At this time CPQ Trivia doesn’t allow embedding of a live video stream (e.g. YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live, etc.) Though we are working on this for a future update.

CPQ is more designed to handle the actual gameplay element of your live HQ-style trivia event and its survivor/elimination-style format. We encourage Crowdpurr hosts to keep their events lively by using their own live narrator in-person at their live event to act as the HQ Trivia host.

A live host wears a headset to narrate a live trivia event by announcing questions, correct answers, winners, and adding jokes in the process.
Using a live host or narrator works great with CPQ Trivia
Credit: Julio Pascoal Palestrante from Pixabay and CchrisS from Pixabay

Crowdpurr customers have even created worldwide live and virtual mixed events. Players gather in company offices around the globe and compete on their persona mobile devices while watching a stream of the event host in their conference room or meeting space.

Add The HQ Trivia Look and Feel

Crowdpurr’s branding and customization features allow you to add your own custom logos, backgrounds, and/or modify the assets we include. So feel free to do an HQ-style treatment to your company’s logo and create an entirely HQ-themed event for your crowd.

Learn More About CPQ Trivia

In conclusion, CPQ Trivia allows you to create your own HQ Trivia style event. This exciting new format will impress your employees, supervisors, students, customers, friends, and/or family. Add an exciting new twist to your next live event!

An animated GIF shows a trivia host raising his hands with the words "You did it!"
Credit: @foxtv’s new game show Mental

Want to learn more? For all the details on how CPQ works check out the article CPQ Survivor Trivia Explained over in our Help Center.

Or feel free to jump right in by creating a free account at Crowdpurr right now! We look forward to hearing about the amazing events you create using CPQ Trivia to create your own HQ Trivia style elimination trivia games for your crowds!

And don’t forget Crowdpurr also offers other amazing interactive experiences for your live events like Live Crowd Polls and Social Walls that integrate Twitter and Instagram.


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