It’s been a crazy few months at Crowdpurr! With the ongoing pandemic, virtual events have seen a massive surge in popularity. Thank you so much to all of our new customers and those that have been with us for a while. We listen to you carefully and all of the new updates and features are always based on your feedback. Read on to learn about the new updates to our Trivia Database and Lead Capture feature!

Last month we announced several new features to help support virtual events and we’re happy to announce all of those features are now live! We’ve also added brand new features including updates to our Trivia Database to make it even better. Lastly, we have some upcoming features to announce. Let’s dig in!

New Trivia Database Features

In case you didn’t hear, Crowdpurr’s New Weekly Trivia Database Is Live. We now offer 100% original trivia games in a variety of topics, updated weekly, all for FREE for use in your recurring trivia events. Never write trivia again! We didn’t stop there though. We’ve jam-packed even more features into the trivia database based on user feedback.

Set How Many Trivia Questions You Want

Trivia Question Input Widget
New Question Count Widget

You can now specify exactly how many trivia questions you want your new trivia game to have. Crowdpurr will then take care of evenly distributing trivia questions from all your selected trivia games and questions. Simply set how many questions you want in the Question Input widget.

Handpick Trivia Questions With Precision

Now upon reviewing a trivia game’s questions, you’ll see checkboxes next to each question! This lets you select exactly which trivia questions to add to your new trivia game. Feel free to review, pick, and choose only what you want from the entire trivia database!

Trivia questions from the trivia database now have a checkbox to handpick which questions to add
Trivia game questions now have a checkbox to handpick which questions to add

Add Trivia Database Questions from the Experience Dashboard

Crowdpurr's Experience Dashboard showing the Open Trivia Database button
The trivia database is now accessible from the Experience Dashboard

You can now open the trivia database after creating your trivia game to add handpicked questions. Need to drop in a few more questions after Q3? No problem. Need to delete a question from a trivia game you already created? Now you can replace it with a better trivia question of your choosing!

Add Multiple-Choice Questions Only

Don’t want any text-answer questions in your new trivia game? No problem. Simply check the Only Multiple-Choice checkbox in the new trivia database settings near the top of the trivia database.

New trivia database options to shuffle questions and set only multiple choice type questions
New trivia database options Shuffle Questions and Only Multiple-Choice? are now available

Maintain Trivia Question Order or Shuffle Questions

Crowdpurr will now maintain your selected questions in the order that you choose them. In case you want to keep your selected trivia games or trivia questions in categorical sections. Or if you want your trivia questions shuffled, just click the Shuffle Questions checkbox. We updated our shuffle algorithm to ensure your chosen trivia games’ questions are distributed in an even mix. So your selected categories will never have too many questions in a row even after shuffling.

More General-Topic Trivia Games

We heard your feedback that some of our trivia games were a little bit too specific for some trivia crowds (e.g. games like Ozark or Tiger King). While we love those fun on-trend trivia games, we tasked the trivia team to write more broad-topic general-knowledge games. They delivered! We added an entirely new category called General. This category includes broader-topic games including our new Kitchen Sink series which is a mix of anything and everything. Look for a mix of new broad-topic and more specific trivia games every week!

Want to learn all the details of the latest features of the trivia database? Check out our Help Center article at Creating Trivia Games with the Trivia Database.

Wouldn’t it be cool to get updates on when and what trivia games we put out each week? You can!

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Crowd Lead Capture Updates

We completed our updates to Crowd Lead Capture making all previous Seminar Plan-only fields available to all users. And adding Custom Lead Capture for Seminar Plan and above users.

Updated Lead Capture fields to collect more participant data
Any user can add the above Lead Capture fields for FREE!

All Lead Capture Fields Available For Everyone

We opened up all Crowd Lead Capture fields to everyone to make capturing Participant Data easier. Fields like Email Address and Phone Number are now available to everyone for free! Additionally, we added new fields like Address and Address (Line 2).

So all users can now capture these crucial participant details for later marketing and analysis! To learn more check out the Help Center article Collect Lead Capture Data From Your Participants.

Custom Lead Capture Fields

Now that the above fields are free to everyone, we’ve added an entirely new feature to Seminar Plan users and above. You can now create your own custom Lead Capture fields to collect any kind of data point you need from your participants.

A Crowdpurr sign-in form showing several custom lead capture fields
Create custom sign-in pages with custom labels, dropdowns, and opt-in checkboxes

Custom Lead Capture fields can be configured to ask for several types of participant data including Text, Numerical, Dropdown Selection, and Checkbox Opt-In. You can add custom labels, placeholders, and of course set them to be Optional or Required.

You can ask Lead Capture questions like:

  • Enter your college or university.
  • What’s the name of your employer?
  • Select your favorite streaming TV service from the following list.
  • How many years have you lived in the state of California?
  • Choose your current cable provider from the following dropdown.
  • Check the box to confirm we can add you to our email list and contact you in the future.

To learn more check out the Help Center article Collect Custom Lead Capture Data From Your Participants.

VIP Guest List

The VIP Guest List feature is now live and available to all Classroom Plan users and above! With VIP Guest List you can import a spreadsheet (or copy and paste) a list of verified participant email addresses. Then Crowdpurr will verify each participant’s input email address from your experience’s sign-in page. This makes sure sure the participant is on your VIP Guest List.

Crowdpurr displays uploaded participant data like email addresses in the VIP Guest List
Crowdpurr displays your uploaded participant email addresses in your VIP Guest List

VIP Guest List is beneficial to users running virtual events where participants must complete an action prior to gaining access to join the event. These actions could include paying an entry fee, signing up on a web form, etc. Verifying a participant’s email address prevents participants from simply sharing the URL to your Crowdpurr experience with others who may not have paid or completed the necessary actions prior to joining.

All you need is the ability to access your participants’ email addresses from whichever app, website, or service you’re using as a paywall or gateway to your virtual event. You’ll need to be able to paste them into a spreadsheet or into Crowdpurr directly.

VIP Guest List has several helpful options including using either an email address or phone number as the required field and only allowing participants to join once thus preventing sharing of email addresses. You can even use an empty VIP Guest List to lock out all future participants from joining once you’ve started your experience! VIP Guest List displays when each participant joined and allows full data export to a spreadsheet for later analysis, editing, collaboration, and reimporting.

To learn more check out the Help Center article Verify Participants with VIP Guest List.

Upcoming New Features

We have some larger-scope new features (like an all-new game format) coming soon but it’s a bit too early to let the cat out of the bag. In the meantime, we have some smaller-scope user-requested features coming soon that we’re happy to share!

Image Library, Giphy Support, & Question Images Redesign

An animated Giphy logo
The GIPHY animated GIF library is coming!

That’s right! We’re working on an update to integrate a third party image library right in Crowdpurr to make adding images to questions super-easy. We’ll also be integrating the Giphy GIF library to make adding fun animated GIFs to your questions a breeze!

Additionally, we’ve heard your feedback about how question images negatively affect the participant experience on the Mobile View. Our design team is working on an update to make question images still have a ton of glory but not knock everything in the interface down to the bottom of the page forcing participants to always scroll when a question has an image.

Host Notifications To Participants

As a host, have you ever wanted to just send a text message or notification to all your participants at once? Well soon you’ll be able to with Host Notifications. We’re adding the ability for hosts to type in a notification on the Experience Dashboard that gets sent immediately as an unobtrusive notification on all participant Mobile Views.

“Set It and Forget It” Experience Start Times

Are you annoyed that you can’t set an Experience’s start time as an actual date and time? Well you’re not alone! Soon you’ll be able to set the exact date and time an Experience will kick off. You no longer have to manually start each Experience. You’ll be able to schedule the start time of any Experience including scheduling entire weeks and months of Experiences. Pretty cool right?

Automatic Experience Warping

Are you also annoyed that you have to always manually click the Warp Experience button to switch participants between trivia rounds and Experiences? We definitely feel you on that one. We’re working on adding a more automated mechanism to set “Experience Routes” ahead of time that will warp participants to the next Experience in the route automatically at the appropriate time when one Experience ends and another is set to start. No more fussing on the Experience Dashboard.

Bugs and Optimizations

With the increase in traffic over the last two months, our user base has definitely been helpful in pointing out bugs, areas for optimization, slow running operations, etc. We’re happy to report our development team has received and resolved over one hundred bug reports in the last two months. Additionally, they implemented a diverse set of under-the-hood optimizations that were identified based on the high level of traffic we’ve been receiving.

Thank you so much for reporting bugs and issues and being patient while our team solves them. Solving critical issues is always a top priority.

Please keep kindly reporting any issues to

Virtual Event Shout Outs

Last but not least, we’ll leave you with a few virtual event case studies from the last month. These Crowdpurr clients knocked it out of the park. They leveraged Crowdpurr to connect their socially distance audience during this difficult time.

The Big Scottish Football Quiz Live Hosts Thousands

The Scottish FA hosted a fantastic live virtual trivia game with close to 5000 participants using Crowpdurr’s Convention Plan. The team at Scottish FA created a fully-branded experience for their participants with custom logos, backgrounds, and button colors.

They also live-streamed the trivia game on YouTube Live integrating Crowdpurr’s Projector View overlaid onto a live streaming host. Scottish FA made excellent use of Twitter in both promoting the trivia game ahead of time and explaining how the live trivia game was going to work.

Check out their blog post that explains their process and gives examples of how they marketed their virtual event on Twitter leading up to its actual launch. Go to The Big Scottish Football Quiz LIVE to learn more.

KCRW Radio’s Daily Live Trivia Show

Santa Monica, California’s very own KCRW NPR radio station launched a daily live trivia show every day at 4PM PST live on the air! Players could play at home each day, view player rankings, and the top winners from each day moved on to a final “champions” round.

KCRW Radio's Daily Live Trivia Show ad feature a logo on top of man's brain
KCRW launched a daily live trivia game on the air.

Players just needed to tune in each day to follow along with the DJ on air acting as live virtual host. Winning players receive the reward of hearing their names mentioned live on the air and moving on to the finals!

Check out the event page at KCRW Trivia Club Live! to learn more.

We’ll see you next month for more feature updates and use-case shout outs!


Ross is the CEO & Founder of Crowdpurr. Evolving and perfecting event technology is a passion. Also a loving father, husband, vinyl, and fresh-air enthusiast.