We’ve been hard at work for the last few months and have several large updates coming in the queue. Today, we are super excited to launch our all new BINGO experience!

Additionally, we’re launching a new tutorial series called “Crowdpurr Hacks” that will feature the coolest tips and tricks that you probably didn’t know about. Lastly, we’ll discuss some new services and upcoming features coming very soon!

Crowdpurr Bingo is Live!

Crowdpurr BINGO officially launches today! After several months of designing, testing, and iterating on beta tester feedback, we are thrilled to bring you an all-new experience type… BINGO! This isn’t your grandma’s favorite past-time either. Crowdpurr BINGO is packed with fun new features, twists, and play-modes that kick up the fun on your virtual, hybrid, and live events! And it’s 100% FREE to all users.

Try Crowdpurr BINGO to spice up your next event!

Fun Bingo Card Themes

We’re launching Crowdpurr BINGO with an expansion to our trivia game library by adding tons of new theme bingo library games! Your crowd will love playing bingo games featuring Happy Hour Bingo, “The Office” Bingo, Disney Bingo, and more! Each players bingo cards have a cool mix of text, images, and fun GIFs!

Crowdpurr Bingo Is Now Available
Crowdpurr BINGO Is Now Available

Build Your Own Fun Bingo Cards

How about a bingo game where your co-workers beautiful faces are the bingo squares!? Or a bingo game with your favorite movies, songs, or lyrics? The sky is the limit with how fun and cool you can build your own bingo cards for your crowd.

Quiz Mode Bingo & Other Fun Formats

With Quiz Mode Bingo, each called bingo square notification is a hint, trivia-style question, or a clue as to what square is actually being called. Players must use their brain to figure out the square and mark it! The faster players earn squares and bingos, the more points they earn!

Want to learn more, check out our blog post Play Virtual, Hybrid, and Live Bingo with Crowdpurr!

New “Crowdpurr Hacks” Blog & Tutorial Series

Crowdpurr Hacks #1 - Embed YouTube Videos
Crowdpurr Hacks #1 – Embed YouTube Videos

Are you a Crowdpurr super user? Want to know about hidden tips and tricks that you probably weren’t aware of? We’ve got you covered in our new “power user” blog and video series today called Crowdpurr Hacks! We’ve assembled over twenty-five topics, generated by both Crowdpurr and some of our most inspiring users, that we’ll release every two weeks in a blog series. Each blog post will discuss a topic that will help Crowpurr users harness the power of the platform.

For example, did you know that you can embed plain old YouTube videos directly into the Mobile View? Want to add a pre-recorded intro video? How about display a video during an intermission? Or a wrap-up video once your trivia game or fundraiser ends? You can do all of these right now!

Check out our debut blog post and tutorial video Crowdpurr Hacks #1 – Embedding YouTube Intro Videos in the Mobile View.

Keep an eye on your email inbox for more Crowdpurr Hacks coming every other week!

New Learn Crowdpurr in 5 Minutes Tutorials

In addition to the above “Crowdpurr Hacks” tutorial series we’re doing for power users, we’ve added a new set of “Learn Crowdpurr in 5 Minutes” tutorial videos that quickly get new users up and running.

So far we’ve added tutorials for our main four experience types: Trivia, Bingo, Polls, and Social Walls.

Our new “Learn Crowdpurr Trivia In 5 Minutes” tutorial

We’ll be adding additional tutorials soon in quick and easy five minute segments on topics like Trivia Rounds & Multi-Game, Advanced Team Modes, and more!

Crowdpurr White Glove VIP Service

Head trivia host and Crowdpurr Expert Ryan Budds from Trivia With Budds

Are you interested in having a Crowdpurr experience completely designed, built, and run for you? Where you kick back and enjoy a 100% hands-free worry-free amazing interactive crowd experience? And have it all hosted by award-winning live talent either virtually or in-person? Then Crowdpurr’s new White Glove VIP Service is for you.

Crowdpurr has partnered with Trivia With Budds, a certified Crowdpurr vendor, to provide complete end-to-end service to design, build, run, and host your Crowdpurr experience for you. Trivia With Budds are experts at turning up the FUN at your next virtual, hybrid, or live in-person event! There’s no match for a professional live host, who not only entertains but are experts using the Crowdpurr platform.

Crowdpurr has previously partnered with Trivia With Budds on several major corporate events and we think you’ll love working with them on your next interactive event!

To learn more about Crowdpurr White Glove service, send an email to help@crowdpurr.com and we’ll schedule a call to discuss your event!

What’s Next?

Now that BINGO is out in the wild, our team is finishing up work on several new major trivia features including new fun question types, new visual updates, and sound effects and music. So do not fret, trivia has quite a bit of love and attention coming its way for mid-Summer 2021! In the meantime, try adding a few BINGO games for your crowd!

As always, if you want to be the first to know about updates, beta tests, and get all the latest updates follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn!


Ross is the CEO & Founder of Crowdpurr. Evolving and perfecting event technology is a passion. Also a loving father, husband, vinyl, and fresh-air enthusiast.