Christmas is coming early for Crowdpurr users! Santa visited the Crowdpurr offices and dropped off three new major features for our November 2020 update!

We first revealed and demonstrated these features at our $1000 Virtual Holiday Party a few weeks back. In case you missed that wild party, kick back and grab a cold one now because we’re discussing all the details and fun below. Let’s jump in!

Live Streaming

Crowdpurr + Live Streaming is here! You can now embed a live stream from a Zoom meeting, YouTube Live, or Twitch stream right inside the Mobile View. When running a virtual event with Crowdpurr, participants no longer need a second screen to watch a live stream while they play on their mobile device. Everything is integrated together on Crowdpurr’s Mobile View on a single device! Best of all, Live Streaming is FREE to all users.

Crowdpurr is now a BYOS party. Bring Your Own Stream.

You bring the stream, we’ll bring the party.
Embedded Live Streaming on the Mobile View is here!

Embed Zoom, YouTube Live, and Twitch

You can embed several different types of live streams including everyone’s favorite… Zoom! Simply select which type of live stream you want to embed, paste in the stream’s URL, and we take care of the rest!

Zoom meetings can be embedded by connecting your premium Zoom account to a live streaming service such as YouTube Live or Twitch. Zoom meetings are one-way and simply stream one or more presenters to your experience’s participants en masse. However, this is still fantastic fun as Zoom allows you to bring in “celebrity guest” callers, co-hosts, different hosts for various virtual event segments, and it allows you to easily share your desktop to display images, movies, music, and sound effects to the Mobile View!

Hide, Display, and Minimize Live Stream

Our new Live Streaming feature offers several fun features that allow you manipulate your stream in real-time! You can dynamically add and remove your stream, zoom in on your stream, go full-screen, and of course minimize it to the upper corner so your participants can play your trivia game.

To learn more about our new Live Streaming feature, please see the Help Center article Adding a Live Stream to Crowdpurr.


You can now create and run fun Lotteries with your participants using Crowdpurr! During our $1000 Virtual Holiday Party we gave out four different $25 “door prizes” using our new Lottery feature. $25 just for showing up! Not bad.

Lotteries allow you to randomly choose participants from your experience in order to award prizes, incentives, and/or simply randomly select participants to volunteer or ask a question. Or how about awarding one final grand prize only available to the participants who lasted to the end of your virtual event? Pretty cool. Best of all, Lotteries are FREE to all users on all plans.

Lotteries are fun way to spice up your virtual events!

Create Lotteries In Advance

Crowdpurr allows you to set up your Lotteries in advance. You can set how many participants will be selected, input information about the reward or purpose of the Lottery, and choose whether or not to exclude past winners. When you’re ready, simply run the Lottery!

Participants Get Notified on Mobile View

When you run a Lottery, your participants get a notification on the Mobile View that has a fun spinning wheel animation that reveals the prize or purpose of the Lottery and if they’ve won or not!

All Lottery Data Is Saved

Each Lottery you run is saved in your Experience Dashboard for you to review. You can review which participants were selected and what the prize or purpose was.

To learn more about our new Lotteries feature, please see the Help Center article Set Up & Run A Lottery

SMS Text & Email Notifications

If you’re a Classroom Plan subscriber or higher, you can now send SMS Text and Email Notifications to your participants! Send invites via SMS text or email with your experience’s clickable URL right in the notification. This is a quick and easy way to alert your participants that your experience is starting soon. You can use notifications for a variety of reasons:

  • Alert participants that your event is starting soon and to join by clicking on the included URL to join the event
  • Notify participants that your event’s date or start time has changed
  • Reminding your participants several days or hours in advance about your event
  • Any other type of important update for participants prior to your event actually starting
SMS Text Notifications with clickable links to your Trivia Game

Notifications Use Your VIP Guest List

Notifications work by using your VIP Guest List of pre-registered participants. You can send notifications to participants registered on your VIP Guest List using their phone number or email address.

SMS Text Notifications

Sending an SMS (Short Message Service) Text Notification, also simply called “a text”, allows you to input a simple notification and then send it off to all of your VIP Guests who you’ve added with a Phone Number. Participants will instantly get a text notification right on their phone with your message and URL!

Email Notifications

If your VIP Guest List has guests registered by Email Address, you can send email notifications with your custom notification content including a clickable URL to your experience! Your VIP Guests will instantly get an email with your notification content and experience URL.

To learn more about VIP Guest List Notifications, please see the Help Center article VIP Guest List Notifications.

Bug Fixes

In addition to the new features above, we squashed the following bugs in November including:

🐞 Projector View Rankings Leaderboard Animated Wildly

Many users reported issues with the Projector View’s Rankings Leaderboard animating player rankings horizontally. Certain situations could cause the Rankings Leaderboard to animate incorrectly. Usually when using the Next Round feature.

Good news! We redesigned how the Rankings Leaderboard pages through player rankings. It now does a simple refresh of all players ranked lower than the top three.

Additionally, we added another minor new feature on the Projector View’s Configuration Menu called Cycle Rankings Leaderboard. This controls whether or not you want the Projector View’s Rankings Leaderboard to cycle or not. If you disable this setting, the Rankings Leaderboard will no longer automatically cycle through the player rankings.

The new Cycle Rankings Leaderboard option on the Projector View

You can also now use the Spacebar key to manually cycle through player rankings on the Rankings Leaderboard if you prefer to not have them cycle automatically!

🐞 Next Round Caused Projector View to Lose Configuration Menu

We fixed another bug with the Projector View when using the Next Round feature. The lower-right Configuration Menu and Fullscreen buttons could disappear. Thanks to our users for reporting!

🐞 Some Mobile View Questions in Crowd Controlled Mode Are Missing Logo Header

We fixed a bug with the Mobile View when using Crowd Controlled Mode where some questions would load with the header missing. The header contains the logo, title, and description. Thanks to our users for reporting!

What’s Next?

As always Crowdpurr will continue working hard on new features and innovations. Be on the lookout for the replay of our $1000 Virtual Holiday Party and the launch of our Virtual Holiday Party hub in the next few days. We’ll show you all the tips and tricks for creating your own amazing Virtual Holiday Party using Crowdpurr!


Ross is the CEO & Founder of Crowdpurr. Evolving and perfecting event technology is a passion. Also a loving father, husband, vinyl, and fresh-air enthusiast.