Crowdpurr’s customer support has always received high marks in our online reviews. It’s something we’ve taken seriously since the beginning and has always been a source of pride. For July 2021’s product updates, we are doubling down and expanding our existing customer support offering with several new channels and improvements.

This month we are excited to announce Crowdpurr Community: our new Crowdpurr user forum. We’ve also launched an official Facebook Crowdpurr User Group. And we’ve improved our website and Help Center customer support live chat.

Lastly, we’re finishing the month off with some fun giveaways that we’ll be sprinkling around our various support and social media channels to get the conversations brewing!

Announcing Crowdpurr Community

We are super excited to finally launch our official user forum called Crowdpurr Community. Our new community site is another pillar in our stellar customer support offering where users will be able to reach out and connect with other users and our staff.

Join the new, free Crowdpurr Community today!

Crowdpurr Community will allow our users to:

  • Suggest new features
  • Ask for help on specific topics
  • Report bugs and/or troubleshoot issues
  • Share and research best practices
  • Direct access to our staff and trivia content team
  • Have industry conversations with like-minded Crowdpurr users
  • Read about the latest updates, announcements, and behind-the-scenes discussions by staff
  • Earn fun badges, recognitions, and privileges for adding popular, helpful content

Best of all, Crowdpurr Community is free and there’s no new email and password. Simply log in with your existing Crowdpurr credentials!

We’d like to invite everyone to join now!

Here’s a sample of some of the interesting posts already on Crowdpurr Community:

Vote On Your Most Wanted New Features

We’ve set up a poll where you can vote three times on which new features you’d like to see the most in Crowdpurr. After the vote, you can see the current standings for which features are the most requested.

Check out the poll and cast your votes now at What’s Your Most Requested New Feature?

Mitigating Streaming Latency When Using Crowdpurr

Check out this deep-dive post on various strategies you can use to mitigate or completely eliminate latency when hosting Crowdpurr events using streaming services like Facebook, YouTube Live, and Twitch that are notorious for long latency delays.

Check out the post at Mitigating Streaming Latency When Using Crowdpurr.

Official Facebook User Group Launched

The cover page image for Crowdpurr's Official Facebook User Group
Crowdpurr’s Official Facebook User Group

For those of you who like to party on Facebook, we’ve also launched our official Crowdpurr Facebook User Group. Our Facebook group, a supplement to Crowdpurr Community, is for all our users who enjoy conversing in Facebook’s sandbox.

The discussions and topics in the Facebook group will be slightly more informal and less organized than Crowdpurr Community, however it’s a great place to converse with like minded people and learn best practices in Crowdpurr.

Crowdpurr staff will also post in the Facebook group both starting topics and replying to questions asked by our users.

Website & Help Center Support Chat Updated

We’ve updated the embedded Crowdpurr Support chat widget to use Facebook Messenger’s new chat plug-in in all web pages and our Help Center.

The new Facebook Messenger powered Custom Support chat widget.
The new Facebook Messenger-powered customer support chat widget

Facebook’s Messenger provides a robust user experience that is easier for users to interact with. Using Facebook’s Messenger app, website visitors and Crowdpurr customers can return to previous chats right on their devices.

What’s more, if you have a sudden question, need to report a bug or outage, or need something urgent, you simply open Facebook Messenger and continue chatting with our team right where you left off. No need to navigate out to our website or help center. Our customer support team has never been so readily accessible, at your fingertips right on your own mobile device!

Facebook Messenger also offers a variety of additional tools for Crowdpurr to help guide you to the support that you need. And don’t worry, if you don’t use Facebook, you can can still use the chat widget as a guest.

Win A Crowdpurr “Keep Calm” Coffee Mug… Right Now! ☕️

To celebrate our new customer service channels and improvements, we are giving away seven exclusive Crowdpurr “Keep Calm” coffee mugs, right now!

As we mentioned in our Instagram a few days ago, we’re starting a new trivia question giveaway series where we post questions on our various social channels. The first five people who answer the trivia question correctly will be entered into a drawing to win one of our “Keep Calm” Crowdpurr coffee mugs (also for sale for $20 on our Facebook page).

Win one of our “Keep Calm” Crowdpurr mugs right now!

As of right now, there are unique coffee mug giveaway trivia question posts on each of these Crowdpurr channels. Take a shot at all of them!

So go forth and test your trivia knowledge for cool prizes! Who knows, you might be the only person that has posted so far. While you’re at it, sign in to Crowdpurr Community and our other social channels. Join in on the conversation!

And don’t forget to subscribe to each channel above to get updates and notifications about the next fun giveaway!

What’s Next?

This month’s updates focused on new customer support offerings. As far as next month, we’ll be getting back to new trivia features including several new question types, sound effects and music, and BINGO updates that have been requested by our user base. We’ll also be adding new Crowdpurr hacks videos and five-minute tutorials.

As always, if you want to be the first to know about updates, beta tests, and get all the latest updates follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn!


Ross is the CEO & Founder of Crowdpurr. Evolving and perfecting event technology is a passion. Also a loving father, husband, vinyl, and fresh-air enthusiast.