The silence is over! Your Crowdpurr experiences are about to sound a whole lot better. This month we are finally back with a fantastic new update. We’re excited to bring you Sound Effects for the very first time! We also added Background Music while we were at it.

Want more? We threw in a few more awesome features that we know you’ll love. We hope this update fills your Thanksgiving plate with some much-needed Crowdpurr goodness. This should hold you over until we deliver Santa’s Crowdpurr presents in early December.

Let’s jump into it…

New Feature: Sounds Effects 💥

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For the first time in nearly ten years of Crowdpurr, we have finally added awesome Sound Effects! We’ve sprinkled some amazing new sound effects throughout the Projector View and the Mobile View. We think these sounds greatly enrich the participant experience with a much more responsive and professional vibe.

All newly created experiences will automatically have sound effects enabled on the Projector View and Mobile View. Want flexibility? No problem. Check out the all-new Sounds section under the green Settings tab on the Experience Dashboard. You can enable and disable sound effects on both the Projector View and Mobile View. Depending on the type of event (e.g. live, virtual, hybrid) you can add sound effects to just the participant’s Mobile Views, just the Projector View, or both!

New Feature: Background Music 🎶

Why stop at sound effects!? We also added Background Music! What participant wants to sit in silence while playing trivia!? We added multiple background music tracks ranging from lighter jingles, to rocking funky tunes, to intense quiz soundtracks, to holiday music for your end-of-the-year events!

Crowdpurr's new Sounds tab on the Experience Dashboard's Settings tab
The new Sounds sub-tab on the Experience Dashboard’s Settings tab

Just like sound effects, background music is configurable. You can set where your background music plays. Unlike sound effects, Crowdpurr doesn’t automatically enable background music on new experiences. Simply go to the Sounds tab to enable it!

Turn Off All That Racket! 😫

Crowdpurr allows participants to mute and unmute sounds and background music.
Participants can always choose to mute sounds on the Mobile View

Concerned that your participants may not want to hear all that noise!? We’ve added new mute switches in the upper-right-hand Mobile View dropdown. Participants can choose to mute background music and sound effects, while still being able to hear Question Media like YouTube videos.

Also, in the Projector View, you can easily mute any sound effects or background music by pressing the V keyboard shortcut or going to the Projector View menu and toggling Mute Projector View. In case you have an announcement you need to make!

We also added the appropriate logic to mute background music when a YouTube video or embedded stream’s audio is enabled, so background music doesn’t step all over your YouTube videos or embedded streams.

We think our new sound effects and background music adds a lot of fun to the Crowdpurr experience and we can’t wait for you to try it! To learn more, check our Help Center article Adding Sound Effects and Background Music.

A man is sitting down grooving to some music.
Your players will love our new background music! If not, they can always turn it off!

Trivia Library Search 🔍

We originally launched our trivia game library in March of 2020. We’re now approaching almost 1000 prewritten, rich-content trivia games! With that many games it’s about time we added a way to search for them.

Search Crowdpurr's trivia game library with our new search bar. Shows a search for Thanksgiving trivia games.
Search our trivia and bingo libraries using the new full text search bar!

Now you can with our new trivia library search bar! Easily search through all of our trivia games to find what you’re looking for. Our search bar scans all library game titles and descriptions. It also works on the bingo game library!

This is our first version of library search. In the future, we’ll be adding question search capabilities as well!

Download QR Codes

Have you ever wanted to download your experience’s QR code? So you could add it to a Word document? Print it to a flyer? Text it to a group? Now you can! On the Experience Dashboard we’ve added a QR code button next to the Experience Code that displays your QR code and allows you to easily save it as a JPG!

Experience QR codes can now be easily downloaded from the Experience Dashboard
Experience QR codes can now be easily downloaded from the Experience Dashboard

For more details check out the Help Center article Downloading Experience QR Codes.

New “Experience State” Keyboard Shortcut

Ever wanted a keyboard shortcut to start your experience? Or quickly pause and unpause? We added a new keyboard shortcut on the Experience Dashboard that automatically advances the state of your experience.

Just press the P key and your experience will go from the “initial” state to “counting down”. Press P again and it will start your experience. Pressing P once your experience is started will then pause and unpause your experience.

You must still click to “finish” your experience. Once your experience is finished, you can press P to reset it.

Bug Fixes and Minor Updates 🐞

We’re always updating the app and fixing bugs. Want to read up on all the latest bug fixes and tweaks we make to the app each week? Then cruise on over to Crowdpurr Community and bookmark our Official Version Updates thread to get updates whenever we update a new version of the app.

What’s Next?

We know several months passed since our last update. The good news is several new features have been brewing behind the scenes during that time. Christmas is right around the corner and you can count on Crowdpurr for several shiny new features for our users this year. And just in time for your end-of-the-year holiday events! 🎄

As always, if you want to be the first to know about news, beta tests, and get all the latest updates follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn!


Ross is the CEO & Founder of Crowdpurr. Evolving and perfecting event technology is a passion. Also a loving father, husband, vinyl, and fresh-air enthusiast.