While you wait for the US Presidential Election to count all those votes, check out our October 2020 Product Updates! We’ve been hard at work during October on some exciting new announcements, features, holiday trivia games for your next virtual office party and workflow improvements!

Our first order of business is to announce the…

Crowdpurr $1000 Virtual Holiday Party!

Update: Crowdpurr’s $1000 Virtual Holiday Party was a huge success. Thanks to all of those who attended. We’ll have the replay coming very soon.

We know Halloween just passed and we still have Thanksgiving to go, but Crowdpurr wants to show you nice-and-early how to throw the best damn Virtual Holiday Party your office has ever been a privy to Zoom to! Get out your Ugly Christmas Sweaters early…

November 13th is NOT too early to rock your ugly Christmas sweaters!

That’s right! We’re bringing back our cash money virtual trivia! But this time, we’re packing in a whole lot more into one action packed Virtual Holiday Party that you can enjoy, win money, and learn from in order to create your own amazing virtual holiday party come December!

This live-stream will be hosted by Ross Newton, Crowdpurr’s CEO. We’re bringing a $1000 cash prize pool, exciting new feature reveals, demonstrations and product updates. We’ll even be showing examples of how to leverage the various components of Crowdpurr for your own virtual party for the office, for family and for friends!

The Prize

We’ll be giving away $1000 in total to the following top rankings:

1st Place $500

2nd Place $175

3rd Place $75

Top prizes for Crowdpurr’s upcoming Virtual Holiday Party Event

We’ll also be awarding $250 in various cash prizes on the fly during the event using some fun new features.

Major Feature Announcements & Demonstrations

Why tell you about a new feature when we can just show you!? The Crowdpurr $1000 Virtual Holiday Party event will include three exciting new MAJOR features that will be announced and demonstrated during the event! So if you want a first glance and to experience our upcoming features for November and December, you better sign up!

Want Hints About New Features?

Want to know what the new features are before the event? Follow us on Twitter or Instagram for hints we’ll be dropping all week – including one that’s out there now! 😉 We’ll also be dropping trivia question hints as well.

How to Play

Just click on the Reserve My Seat button. We’ll send you the Crowdpurr URL to join just before the trivia game kicks off on Friday November 13th at 11AM PST / 2PM EST.

And yes, you read that correctly! You only need the Crowdpurr URL to join and watch a live-hosted streaming virtual trivia game. Hmm… might that be related to one of the major feature announcements? 🤔 Or maybe it’s that we will send you a notification before the trivia game starts? Or is it that we’re going to do some random giveaways somehow during the trivia game to those who are present? 🤔

Next Round Improvements

Last month we launched our Next Round feature that now allows you to set what the next trivia round will be ahead of time. Triggering the next round of trivia is as simple as clicking the Next Round button under the Host Controlled Mode. Or if using Fully Automatic Mode or Crowd Controlled Mode the Next Round triggers automatically.

We have completely updated the labeling of the Mobile View to now reflect that you are using multiple rounds of trivia! So instead of it saying Trivia Game Has Ended, it will now say Trivia Round Has Ended. The next round is coming up… And after triggering the Next Round, the Mobile View now says Trivia Round Will Begin Shortly. Overall, the wording now makes much more sense when using multiple rounds of trivia. This lets participants know there are more rounds to be played!

Performance Improvements & Optimizations

Do your players ever see the dreaded spinning dots on the Mobile View? Does your Experience Dashboard ever hang when switching questions or triggering a view? We know. And we heard you.

The dreaded spinning dots…

Despite the seeming simplicity of Crowdpurr, it’s a technical feat to handle tens of thousands of players all accessing Crowdpurr trivia games and sending answers at the exact same time. The meat and potatoes of Crowdpurr is in our eight-plus years of research and development devoted to the undying quest of building the most optimized trivia game engine and application of all time. The code that lies beneath the fun questions and silly answers is a sophisticated machine with many moving parts. Our team has spent the last few weeks doing a deep-dive to identify and correct bottlenecks, add optimizations, and overhaul existing designs to improve performance.

Rankings performance on the Mobile View received some much needed love. A few months back we overhauled how the rankings work across the entire app. In the last few weeks, we discovered (with help from our customers) that some trivia games with large audiences were getting many players with “spinning dots.” And slow-loading questions, and slow-loading rankings.

Not any more! We identified and eradicated several bottlenecks and design oversights in the recent rankings redesign. Our current updates have been effective. Additionally, we will continue to improve optimizations on the rankings and playback for large groups of participants.

Upcoming Holiday Trivia Games

Did you happen to check out any of the numerous Halloween or #Election2020 themed trivia games we recently added to our 100% original weekly trivia database?

Crowdpurr's Election 2020 original trivia games including games on Joe Biden, Donald Trump, the West Wing, and more
Our #Election2020 themed set of original trivia games. We keep it fun… no politics!

Make your holiday virtual office parties fun with our seasonal holiday trivia games. Always written from scratch by our amazing team of writers. All for FREE and updated weekly. We make it easy for you!

We’ll keep releasing new trivia games every week. In addition, our writers are already working on new trivia games for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years. Let us do the writing for you!

We also have fun new trivia game ideas and themes we’ll be highlighting over the next couple of months to add a twist to your virtual meetings, events and office parties. Stay tuned!

Customer Review: McDonald’s is Lovin’ Crowdpurr

Our friends at McDonald’s Corporate Headquarters have been long-time Crowdpurr customers leveraging Crowdpurr’s flexible set of features for internal corporate employee training, training gamification, and interactive store reviews.

McDonald’s left an awesome online review for Crowdpurr on the software review site Capterra. Thank you to everyone at McDonald’s for your loyalty and continued business.

McDonald’s Online Review for Crowdpurr from Capterra.com

Bug Fixes

In addition to the new features above, we squashed a few user-reported smaller bugs in October including:

🐞 Multiple Choice Questions Now Support up to 100 Answer Options

Not really a bug per se, but we increased the answer choice quantity for Multiple Choice Questions. You can now allow up to one hundred answer options!

🐞 Participants Unable to Join Experience with Empty VIP Guest List

Crowdpurr Mobile View Red Popup error due to VIP Guest List bug
Visible error message when using an enabled, empty VIP Guest List

When using the VIP Guest List, there was a hard-to-detect bug where if you removed every guest entry on the VIP Guest List manually but left it enabled, any future participants trying to join would get the following Participant Cache Error and would be blocked from joining the experience. Including after the VIP Guest List was disabled. Yikes!

We corrected this bug both in the VIP Guest List so VIP Guest Lists with no entries now disable automatically. We also corrected the problem on our servers even if this state occurs somehow.

Keep the bug reports coming! We love fixing issues our users report. Simply email us at help@crowdpurr.com.

Crowdpurr Product Updates September 2020
Crowdpurr Product Updates September 2020

September Product Updates

Did you miss our September Product Updates? If so, we launched some awesome new features like Schedule Start Time, Custom VIP Guest List, and Instagram Social Walls.

Check out the September Product Updates blog post if you missed it!

Upcoming New Features

Make sure you register for our $1000 Virtual Holiday Party event to be a part of feature announcements that will occur during that event. Especially features you can use to host your own virtual office holiday party! As always, subscribe to the blog or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to learn about new updates and announcements first!


Ross is the CEO & Founder of Crowdpurr. Evolving and perfecting event technology is a passion. Also a loving father, husband, vinyl, and fresh-air enthusiast.