You sent in feedback and we listened! With a recent uptick in virtual events such as live virtual trivia, many of our users have been requesting a few features that we are happy to announce are on their way very soon. Most of which will be 100% free and available on every plan in the coming weeks.

[Now Live] Email and Phone Lead Capture For Everyone

We’ve had overwhelming feedback that all plans should have the ability to collect participants’ emails and phone numbers, rather than just a nickname. In these times where so many businesses are pivoting to virtual events to market to their audiences online, it’s essential to have the ability to acquire contact information for that audience. The ability to request an email and/or phone number is a necessity.

Collecting emails and phone numbers from participants will now be free and available to everyone.

So we’re adding both Email and Phone Number lead capture fields to all plans! You’ll be able to add both the email and phone number lead capture field to any experience. Classroom Plan or better subscribers will then be able to export that data. Free Basic Plan members will still be able to view their lead capture data.

This feature is now live on Crowdpurr! Check out our Help Center article that explains how to use it Collect Lead Capture Data From Your Participants.

[Now Live] Customizable Lead Capture Fields for Seminar Plan and Higher

Don’t worry existing Seminar Plan members, in replace of being the plan that allowed email and phone number lead capture, you’ll be getting all-new completely customizable lead fields that allow you to collect any type of data you wish.

  • Want your participants Hair Color? Done.
  • Want to ask where they ate for lunch? You got it.
  • Want Instagram or Twitter handles? Easy!
  • Want employee ID numbers? Simple.
  • Want to know how many times they get up to go pee in the middle of the night? Okay that’s a little weird.

Fields will have customizable labels, data types, placeholders, and will have optional required settings. You’ll be able to capture any data point you wish from your participants and export to Excel!

This feature is now live on Crowdpurr! Check out our Help Center article that explains how to use it Collect Custom Lead Capture Fields From Your Participants.

[Now Live] New Weekly Trivia Game Database

Crowdpurr’s Trivia Game database will now update every week.

Our Trivia Database is getting an overhaul… finally! No more duplicate questions! We’ll be releasing new 100%-original trivia games every week completely preloaded with fun GIFs and images each in all the classic categories and current/trending topics like the #Election2020, #Mandalorian, and #KUWTK… all available for FREE on all plans.

You’ll be able to quickly and easily add new trivia games for your events each week. And also swap out questions you don’t like and combine multiple pre-written trivia games!

Additionally, you’ll be able to write and submit your own Trivia Games to our database for use by other users and track their usage and popularity! And we’ll still have our staff writers adding new content as well each week.

P.S. We’re hiring trivia writers. Do you eat, breath, and sleep trivia? Always wanted to let your trivia-flag fly? Join our team with an awesome part-time work-from-home gig! Send us an email at

This feature is now live on Crowdpurr! Check out our blog post announcement Crowdpurr’s New Weekly Original Trivia Database is Live!

[Now Live] New Feature – VIP Guest List!

Many of our virtual trivia customers have sent us feedback that they would like to use an event-format that requires purchase or registration through a gateway or “paywall” (e.g. selling tickets on EventBrite, signing up on a registration website, joining a Facebook group, liking a Facebook page, etc.)

The fact that the Crowdpurr URL to trivia games is public means that once participants pay or register, they can easily share the URL allowing other participants to enter that haven’t paid or signed up.

Now you can prevent unauthorized participants!

No more! You’ll now be able to upload a VIP CSV list of email addresses on the Experience Dashboard that will restrict your Trivia Game to only allow entry if the participant’s email is on your VIP list! This will prevent users who haven’t paid or registered from entering the Trivia Game.

This feature is now live on Crowdpurr! Check out our Help Center article that explains how to use it Verify Participants with VIP Guest List.

More Features In The Pipeline

The above features are the first of several updates we’ll be doing based on your feedback to help make Crowdpurr exactly what you need to create amazing virtual events. Got a great idea for a feature? Let us now at

Be on the lookout for the above new features in the next few weeks. Beyond this we have some amazing new game formats we’ve been cooking up along, worldwide performance improvements, and many more user-requested features. Of course, we’ll let you know when these features go live!


Ross is the CEO & Founder of Crowdpurr. Evolving and perfecting live event technology is his passion and baby. Also a loving father, husband, vinyl, and fresh-air enthusiast.